St John's Church Meerut

The Saint John’s Church of Meerut is one of the oldest churches in Northern India and also one of the biggest with 3000 people seating capacity. The church is built on a very traditional style and has lush greenery surrounded by it. The motto of the parish is Unity, Witness, and Service which is strictly followed there.


Built in 1819, the St John’s Church offers a spectacular look at the unique history of Meerut. From being a site of revolt to a confluence of religions, it is a landmark in Meerut for many reasons. It was constructed by the East India Company between 1819 and 1821 and comes under the diocese of Agra.

The tall columns and distinct architectural style make it a popular tourist destination in the city. Built in the cantonment area, the military remnants are apparent as well. The church compound also houses the St John’s Cemetery.

Architecture of St John's Church

This church has a typical English Anglican style and was built to suit the local conditions. There is a large open interior space which allows good air circulation and includes an upper seating area as well. Over the 200 years, there have been little changes to the church in terms of renovation but nothing major to affect the original style.

History of St John's Church

The St John’s Church came into existence when the British Army clergyman, Rev. Henry Fischer wanted to serve their military people privately. The wooden pews and kneelers, pretty stained glass window, marble Baptistery, and brass eagle lectern inside the church date back to nearly two centuries. It also comprises of a pipe organ which is nonfunctioning from that area.