Shaheed Smarak

Built in memory of the 1857 revolt, the Shaheed Smarak is one of the most seasoned and well-maintained places in Meerut. Located quite close to the Company Gardens, this memorial hosts events during important Indian national holidays.


The grounds of this marble pillar also houses the Government Freedom Struggle Museum which was set up in 1997. The Government Freedom Struggle Museums is a crucial preserve of documents and other essentials that are currently used for educational and informative needs. The museum also cites two galleries showcasing some artefacts and paintings of the time.

Shahid Smarak Museum

The museum is divided into five galleries out of which three are operational.

The first gallery comprises materials which depict the events leading to the war. Paintings of elusive Fakir who was actively involved in the war, soldiers refusing to use cartridges are on display.

The 2nd gallery has events which happened during the war and paintings of Rani Lakshmi Bai, Sati Choura Ghat, and Lucknow Bagh. There are also collectables such as gun cartridges and swords at the display.

The 3rd gallery contains inscriptions of the past including the ancient civilisation of Meerut, books about freedom struggle, and coins.

How to Reach

The museum is only 3.7 kilometres from the railway station. The nearest bus stand to the venue is Bhansali which only 200 meters away. You can also hire local taxis to go around the place.