Translating to ‘Draupadi’s Kitchen’, this monument is set on the banks of the Buriganga River in Meerut. Legend has it that Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, cooked meals here for the entire family. When the Pandavas stayed at Hastinapur in exile, Lord Krishna is believed to have visited them. When he asked for a meal, Draupadi had nothing to offer him. Krishna is said to have produced a miracle vessel which produced an unlimited supply of sumptuous food in Draupadi’s kitchen, and the site marks this incredible feat. Today this region is a favourite picnic spot, right next to Draupadi Ghat.


Draupadi ki Rasoi (Draupadi Kitchen), located on the banks of Burhganga is popular among tourists who visit Meerut. It is a thrilling place for people who love history and epic tales. This was a forgotten village in Uttar Pradesh until 1952, when the Archeological department found Draupadi-ki-Rasoi (Kitchen), Vidur-ka-Tilla (Vidura’s palace), and Draupadi Ghat. They unearthed copper utensils, ornaments made out of silver and gold, several oblong shaped ivory dice, and iron seals.

How to Reach Draupadi ki Rasoi

The best and convenient way to reach this place is by booking a taxi. But there are lots of buses and rails which are connected to this place. It is about 39 KMS from Meerut and takes about 40 to 45 minutes by car.